I am quite sure many of you did not know Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie, it used to be Dumbo but that is just depressing. I am not sure if I wanted to be Peter Pan and never grow up or I identified more with the lost boys…eh whatever. So not the point of what I was going to write about.

Tonight is my last night in Ptown. Very bummed about this. In all my travels this is the first place that has ever felt like home. This move was not planned until about a week ago and it is my last resort option. I have not done much packing. I just want to cry whenever I start. I should probably get on that since I am leaving tomorrow. Especially with everything that happened here with Asher, I feel like I will be leaving a huge piece of my heart here.


One response to “Goodbye.

  • Susie

    I hope you are having safe travels. You may be leaving a part of you behind ~ but you are headed towards a new beginning and who knows what kind of adventures are in your future!!

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